In line with our values, it is very important to us to improve Bolivian Coffee culture and to diversify Bolivian coffees. Therefore, we believe we have to work together as a team with local producers of the regions where we produce. We aim for a sustainable coffee production in the long term, and this is why we decided to found two social programs in the area of Caranavi, supporting over 500 families in the region.

Sol De La Mañana

The Sol De La Mañana program is a quest to educate local producers by providing training and skills necessary to improve the quality of their farms. The program is designed as a school for producers, which takes 7 years fort hem to graduate. The producers are guided through every step of coffee farming, starting with the nursery, planting, harvesting, pest prevention, pruning as well as financial management.

We use our knowledge acquired through Fincas Los Rodriguez, and work together with around 100 producers, helping them to improve quality and quantity of their farms, so they can provide a much better life to their families in the long term.


Qhatu café is most definitely a coffee with a story. The aim behind this program is to support very small producers throughout Bolivia.

The program reaches more than 500 organic producers, who year by year deliver their beautiful cherries a tour wet mill „Buena Vista“, where they know we assure them a market.

The network comprises a large area of more than 260 km2 with up to 1,450 meters above sea level, bringing together a diversity of flavors, we can later offer around the world.