Our Story

Agricafe is a Bolivian family business which produces coffee from its own farms and sources high quality micro lots from small producers in the regions of Los Yungas and Santa Cruz. As pioneers within South American specialty coffee, Agricafe initially entered the coffee industry in 1986, when Pedro Rodriguez decided to pursue his passion for agriculture.

Over 36 years later, he has seen and lived the ups and downs of Bolivian coffee and is now working along with his daughter Daniela and his son Pedro Pablo. The trio runs the company with the idea of restoring and improving Bolivian coffee by launching producer training programs and planting own farms across the above mentioned regions.

Our Values


Constantly looking for new ways, machines and techniques in order to improve quality and get extraordinary tastes. Perfect cherries, controlled processes and slow drying.


Transparency in every step of the process from production to export. We trace every coffee bean, from the fields to the moment we ship it. To assure traceability of all the micro lots is crucial for us.


It is very important for us to support sustainability – economically, environmentally and socially. This is why we support and share knowledge with our producers of the region and invest in our own farms.


We continuously invest in machinery and equipment to keep improving our coffee’s quality. We focus on good manufacturing practices, and aim to lift Bolivian coffee culture in the best way possible.


Developing exceptionally flavorful coffees in Bolivia is only possible with constant innovation and controlled processes. Always looking for new ways of producing a better cup of coffee.


We process and source a diversity of coffees from the best coffee regions. Besides our coffees, we value the great diversity of people we work with, their cultures, and the climatic conditions Bolivia offers.

Bolivian Coffee

Coffee production in Bolivia can be traced back as far as 1880, where large landowners produced all of the coffee until 1991. Production has always been small, leaving Bolivia as a minor player on the world stage.

In the last 10 years exports, have continuously dropped. Whereas in 2010 exports were at around  70,000 bags, in 2019 the numbers were as low as 22,000 bags.

The aim of Agricafe is to do its part in reversing this trend while allowing coffee producers to have a fair price for their hard work.  To do this, we have introduced two programs ‘Fincas Los Rodriguez’ and ‘Sol de la Mañana Program’.