For 25 years, we have been sourcing and exporting coffee, but due to the reduction of coffee production, we made the decision to invest in planting our own farms and to ensure a supply of high quality coffee and future sustainability. As of 2020, we have 12 farms, 8 in Los Yungas in La Paz, and 4 in Samaipata in Santa Cruz, which adhere to high quality standards.

‘Fincas Los Rodriguez’ project not only acts as a constant source of coffee production, but also represents a real world example of local producers showing what can be achieved with good planning and modern farming techniques.


Located in the north of the city La Paz.
Situated at latitude of 15° South
Faming at altitudes between 1400 – 1650 m.a.s.l


Located in the south-west of the city Santa Cruz.
Situated at latitude of  18° South
Faming at altitudes between 1500 – 1850 m.a.s.l


Starting with ‘Fincas Los Rodriguez’, we introduced new standards for coffee production in Bolivia. Our aim is to create the highest quality coffee farms. To assist with this, we have started working with international experts to develop farm plans that allow every tree to grow healthily. We work with highly knowledgeable farm managers, maintaining each farm with a careful eye, being able to combat problems before they arise. We have applied these standards to our Sol de la Mañana program as well.